If we don’t have it we find it for you

Craig Brockwell | June 2019

By Craig Brockwell, Senior Political Advisor, Solstice Public Affairs


In the government relations world, it would be rare to find a firm that ‘does it all’. Most have relationships with complimentary service providers that can help their clients achieve their goals, better understand how their issues fit into the public conversation and better formulate a language or tactics that resonate with government.

Often GR firms partner with polling firms, policy think tanks, communications firms, and other such complimentary service firms in order to fulfill the needs of their clients.

Being a smaller boutique operation, Solstice often uses and recommends these types of partner agencies.

On the polling side, the Solstice recommendation is Mainstreet. We have found that they are the right size to deliver for our clients and they use several dynamic techniques that provides them with accurate research and polling.

Mainstreet provides a variety of services outside of their normal work such as:  Monthly and quarterly omnibus polls, Monthly & quarterly municipal surveys, Ad Hoc studies that look at citizen satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee studies, and Public Affairs research.

Mainstreet is a relatively new firm but one that has demonstrated a high level of accuracy in comparison to many other similar polling firms.

We believe that polling services can invariably bolster or fine tune your lobbying activities or simply help you to internally manage your own operations. As such they are a great compliment to any lobbying activities and in this day and age may be a must!

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