And Now… 

As always, I will not take much time analyzing the election results but rather spend more time outlining a government relations’ path forward for our clients or potential clients, given the final results. “Arm Chair Quarterbacking” may be fun but moving forward, this type of analysis is of little value. To put all this in […]


Small Signal, Big Change?

Within the 2019 Budget is a small change, which could potentially foreshadow the government’s attitude towards how the province plans to define its relationship with municipalities over the next three years. In the Budget, the government signaled a review of the provincial Gas Tax Program, which currently provides dedicated funds to municipalities to increase transit […]


The Budget – Opportunity and a Path Forward

At Solstice Public Affairs, we would rather lay out how your organization can use the budget as a signal that paves a path for the next year for your government relations plan than analyzing line by line each budget element. We did this with the recently released federal budget.  In this way, we hope to […]


Who Is Solstice Public Affairs?

Solstice Public Affairs is a professional, service-oriented public affairs consultancy providing comprehensive government relations services, with a special emphasis on offering full service in both French and English.

Based in Toronto, President Stewart Kiff and Partner Craig Brockwell combine their many years of government relations experience with a network of strategic partners across Ontario to bring concrete results to clients including fulfilling their needs for positioning, government financing, representation and strategic advice.

Solstice specializes in providing high level, high quality services, developed in collaboration with its clients.